Some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we get about our cleaning services.

We are on a budget, what is the pricing?

Pricing varies according to the depth of cleaning and location of the property. We will recommend a length of time for you; however, you are always welcome to provide a list of priorities so we can work within your budget. Please contact for further information.

Will I always have the same cleaner?

We do our best to keep you with the same cleaner; however, you may occasionally be offered a replacement cleaner should circumstances arise which prevent your cleaner from attending.

Do you provide the cleaning supplies and equipment?

Our cleaners arrive with everything needed to complete your clean. We use gentle cleaning products, portable vacuums and string mops. Should you have preferences in cleaning products or equipment, you are welcome to leave these out for the cleaner to use.

Will you clean my cottage?

We do our best to accommodate specific requests. Locations and requests are always based on cleaner availability and prices vary for outlying areas.

Will you clean my exterior windows?

iClean’s employees are insured for work within the home.



Or, call directly at 1-506-378-8214